Extra Global Company producer and exporter of Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables ,we specialize in growing Fruits and vegetables and we have best quality control stages from growing to packing it and ready it for export ,farms centrally managed by our company through an integrated food safety and quality management system that complies with the food industries international standards ,we supply high quality and large quantity of fruits and vegetables with all kinds of packing with competitive price and top quality products, low prices, excellent services and flexible payment terms.


Extra Global Company now has a wide range of products including Citrus,Fruits and Vegetables

Citrus:Navel Orange,Valencia Orange Adalia Lemon and Lime.
Fruits:Strawberry,Grapes,Pomegranate,Peach,Nectarine,Watermelon,Cantaloup,and Mango.
Vegetables:Potato,Red Onion,Yellow Onion,Spring Onion,Sweet Potatoes,Iceberg lettuce,Green Garlic,Green Beans,Cucumber,Tomato,Chilly Peppers,Capsicums and Artichoke.

We export our products mainly to European countries and now covers almost 30 countries worldwide including European countries,Australia, Canada,Gulf countries, South East Asia and Africa .